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Sell your books around the world

Discover a global printing solution. Print locally, publish and sell your book around the world with Printondemand-worldwide. We’ll help you build interest with your end consumer, no matter their location. From self-publishers to budding authors, being able to generate income from all corners of the world could accelerate your business.

Our global distribution network has been developed with wholesalers, distributors and book retailers around the world. As a result, you can reach new worldwide markets without investing in local stock, warehousing or distribution, yet you still reap all the benefits of a print-on-demand with a global retailer service.

You can distribute your books globally with our network of book distributor partners in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Being able to distribute your book across the world could dramatically increase book sales.

Don’t need retail distribution but would still like to find out how you can print your book?

Online book printing

Where in The World Can We Print & Ship Your Books?

Our book distribution network can reach any market in the world. We primarily help publishers print and sell their book in the USA and Europe through PG (Publishers Graphics) and T&F (Taylor and Francis). We’ve helped hundreds of self-publishers increase sales, generate interest in their book and help them benefit from a print-on-demand print service with global distribution channels.

Book Distribution in USA

The US book market generated over $25 billion in sales during 2019. This makes it incredibly worth being able to distribute your book in this market.

Printondemand-worldwide has distributors all throughout America. A large part of our distribution facilities can be found in North Carolina and Texas. This means authors and publishers in the UK can sell their books in the world’s most popular book market at the click of a button.

Book Distribution in Europe

Our print partners in Europe have helped authors increase sales in countries such as Germany, Poland, Italy, Malta and Amsterdam. The distribution network of European retailers makes selling your title in popular book stores easy.

This allows you to reach a broader market of book lovers through us. The variety of book consumer segments in Europe is vast, ranging through graphic novels, non-fiction, crime novels, thrillers and romance books.

Global Book Retailers

You can stay in control of where your books are printed, anywhere in the world, through a single dashboard. Our global partners offer end-to-end printing and shipping to your customers without the hassle of managing too many moving parts. 

Our self-service distribution dashboard allows you to manage delivery, reorder titles for print, pick which bookstore you’d like to sell your book in and so much more! You’ll get extensive market coverage in the UK, US and Europe, which means your titles are available to book trade through distributor agreements.

Your book, your sales

You have complete control over the cost of your book. We don’t have any hidden fees or charges that may affect your revenue. Our services aim to provide authors and publishers with the tools they need to supply books to some of the most profitable markets in the world without unreasonable charges and fees.

You can apply for a Book Global account with Printondemand-worldwide and start improving your global book sales today. There are no upfront commitments and if you need any help, our UK team would be more than happy to walk you through the process.

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Connected Book Distribution Services Across The World

Where in The World Can We Print & Ship Your Books?

With Printondemand-worldwide, you gain immediate access to some of the world’s biggest manufacturers of books. Whether you’re publishing one title a month or publishing 1,000 titles a year, we have the network of partners that can support your book sales growth in any market.

Our network of partners

Below you’ll find a list of our printing partners dedicated to printing and shipping your books.

  • Ingram (US)
  • Baker & Taylor (US)
  • Gardners (UK and Europe)

Wholesaler distribution networks

Once your books are ready to be sold, we can ship them to a wide range of retailers and libraries. Below you’ll see the complete list of our retail partners that can sell your books to any market.

  • Macmillan
  • Turpin
  • Penguin
  • Bookpoint
  • CLC Wholesale
  • Amazon
  • Waterstones
  • WHSmith
  • The Great British Book Shop

Print local, sell global

The benefits of working to reach your target market are that we manage the entire process. From publishing to the bookstore, we’ll help your readers find you in more places. Our services are based in the UK, which is where your books are going to be printed, but our network is expansive. 

With Book Global, you’ll get the benefit of being able to sell your books before you print, benefit from one standard price for manufacturing, quicker delivery to the consumer and a catalogue management system to control your books.

Great for self-publishing

Even if you’re publishing your own book, our services can still help you, interest readers, in a new market. We don’t restrict who can apply for an account with us, we just ask for basic information about who you are and what your commitment to us would be – that’s it! 

If you’re an author, we also help connect the dots with our self-publishing services which can integrate with this dashboard. Being able to get your books into a bookstore is the next level up for any author, so why not let us help you speed up the process?

Self-publishing services

Book of one

If you only need to print a single book to cater for small orders from your readers, we can also accommodate this! Our services are incredibly flexible which means you don’t need to commit to bulk orders to benefit from reduced pricing. If you’re publishing titles frequently and you often sell smaller quantities, this could be great for you.


Print-on-demand with fixed unit costs through BookGLOBAL. Plus, reduce your warehousing need and see your global orders received and handled all with real-time reporting.

Quality colour books

We offer digital colour printing on litho stock, thanks to our investment in the latest technology. As a result, you can benefit from on-demand, quality colour printing in the UK and Europe, with standard digital colour available in the US.

Worldwide sales

Our extensive BookGLOBAL network helps publishers reach new markets without investing in local stock, warehousing or distribution.

Sell before you print

We calculate your revenue based on retail price, less discount and print costs, and pay you directly. The result is a non-exclusive, no-risk service.

Quicker delivery to your customers

Printing in-market, through the BookGLOBAL network, increases the speed of delivery to your customer.

Reduce your environmental impact

Transportation results in pollution, but with BookGLOBAL your business can reduce this impact by fulfilling orders as close as possible to your customer.

One standard manufacturing price

Regardless of the country of manufacture, with BookGLOBAL you pay one standard unit price for orders fulfilled globally.

Easy catalogue management with BookVAULT

BookGLOBAL works via our BookVAULT portal – an easy-to-use online system, which allows you to manage your catalogue and orders. Learn more about BookVAULT

Frequently asked questions

What percentage do book distributors take?

As the customer, you’re able to determine the percentage that is taken by the retailer. The higher the percentage, the more likely the retailer will want to stock and sell your book. Printondemand as the distributor only takes the cost of production to print the book. 

How do bookstores get their books?

All bookstore retailers work differently. For example, Paperbackshop receives bulk orders of books from us daily to then be shipped onto the end consumer. Other retailers, such as Amazon and Gardners, will send directly to the bookstore.

How can I get my self-published book distributed?

Your books will be distributed as part of our self-publishing services. You’ll be listed into various retailers throughout the UK, USA and Europe. Your publishing account manager will help you decide your retail price to understand the potential royalties you’ll receive from any sales. If you have an interest in exploring a new market, please contact us for free, friendly advice.

Why work with Printondemand-worldwide?


BookGLOBAL has access to the UK book market worth £3.4bn in 2017


PODWW produces over 1 million books per year in the UK, with capacity to double production by 2019


Number of books produced by our US and European partners in 2017


Number of years experience producing books from our UK plant

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