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Introducing The Great British Book Shop

The shop offers thousands of books from a multitude of publishers and genres in both print and electronic formats.

The Great British Book Shop strongly believes in supporting and championing publishers of all sizes. By offering a new online sales channel for both printed and ebooks and relaxed discount terms, our aim is to work in partnership with publishers. By doing this, The Great British Book Shop can help publishers grow their book and ebook sales and promote new and up-and-coming authors through specific author features. Our key message to the book-buying public is:

"Help us showcase and grow the diversity and excellence of publishing in the UK by buying your books at a fair price from a seller who believes in the importance of publishers (and, by extension, authors) being likewise paid a fair price for every book sold."

What’s different about The Great British Book Shop?

Printondemand-worldwide can bring the publisher far closer in the supply chain to the reader, by printing titles on-demand, with fast turn-around times and quality at the heart. This eliminates the need for storage, overprinting and unnecessary transportation, leaving far more profit for the publishers.  The Great British Book Shop represents the ultimate in lean supply. The consumer effectively comes directly to the manufacturer for both the physical and digital form.

How Do We Work with You Directly?

  • The publisher uploads digital files to the PODW virtual digital library, BookVault, and supplies title metadata
  • The Publisher selects The Great British Book Shop for retail distribution and, if they wish, additional UK and USA market distribution, by loading sterling or dollar retail prices together with the retail discount
  • PODW feeds title availability information and other partners if selected, to the retailer(s)
  • PODW receives orders from The Great British Book Shop, then prints and despatches the books directly to the customers
  • For every copy sold PODW pays the publisher sales revenue calculated as retail price less discount less print and delivery costs

For more information see our BookVault service information.  If you are interested in getting your ebooks listed with The Great British Book Shop, ask us about E-Vault.

How does the Finance Model Work? 

Below is an illustrative comparison of ‘traditional’ print and distribution versus POD print and distribution via The Great British Book Shop.


**Based on 176 pages (mono and 4-colour), A5, 100gsm coated, 4-colour cover and perfect bound.

*** This illustrative example excludes origination costs.


Want to find out more?

Go direct to The Great British Book Shop site to find out more information about what we can do for you and how you can go about listing your titles on there.


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