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Our Services: Global Print Solutions Pricing

What are the benefits of global print?

  • Convenience of dealing with one UK based printer for all global stock
  • Easy access to international markets 
  • Print in market to reduce lead times and drive down cost
  • Reduce your carbon footprint - no more shipping stock overseas
  • Benefit from the specialist knowledge of in-market printers of the particular country’s postal and freight systems
  • Use the same print ready pdf file for all our print plants - no need for multiple specs for different printers 
  • If you have an exclusive USA distributor you can still use our direct ordering service 
  • No additional set up fees for the USA or Australia if using our UK POD services 

We offer single copy order fulfilment via selected online retailers and wholesalers in the USA markets for publishers of all sizes. Our retail print and distribution services help publishers efficiently handle the supply chain by providing tools whereby publishers can maximise revenue streams via print on demand whilst reducing costs associated with warehousing stock, reprint under consideration status, freight cost and inventory management. 

How Does Retail Distribution Work? 

  • Publisher sets up their files in the PODW virtual digital library and supplies metadata
  • Publisher dictates USA market by loading dollar retail prices together with the retail discount
  • PODW feeds the title metadata out to the leading bibliographic agencies and the wholesalers and retailers we work with
  • PODW receives orders direct from the selected e-retailers we work with 
  • For every copy sold PODW pays publisher sales revenue calculated as retail price less discount less print cost
  • Sell before you print - no risk - pure revenue back to you
  • A totally non-exclusive service
  • Please note if listing with us on Amazon.com books will be available for Amazon.ca and Amazon.mx

How does the retail finance model work?

Below is an example of how the revenue is calculated and paid to you:

Illustrative Finance Model Only

  • You decide the sale price = $20.00
  • You decide the discount range = 40%
  • Net price = $12.00
  • We deduct (Example print cost) -$2.49
  • We pay you = $9.51

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