What is BookVAULT and why should you choose to print on-demand?

BookVAULT is an online platform that makes it easy to manage your print catalogue and print on-demand. Simply upload your books or journals to BookVAULT and within minutes your order is sent to be printed, bound, trimmed, ready for despatch to your end customer, distributor or warehouse.

With print-on-demand you can meet customer demand for your titles, whilst staying in control of your printing costs. Once you have uploaded your titles, you can print on-demand or order single or multiple copies all at a fixed cost or with volume discounts.

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BookVAULT makes printing on-demand stress-free with:

  • Auto Nielsen: BookVAULT communicates with Auto Nielsen, so you can get your titles’ metadata at the click of a button
  • PDF validation: Once you upload your book printing files to BookVAULT, we will validate them and report back on any issues – offering you some extra reassurance before you go to print!
  • Integrate with your systems: With our API you can integrate your systems with BookVAULT. Enter your print orders into your system and they will automatically feed into BookVAULT, to then be printed and distributed. You can even integrate your API with your e-commerce website, so when someone places an order via your website, that order goes straight into BookVAULT.
  • User permissions: Invite team members to join BookVAULT and set user permissions so they only have access to what they need.
  • Easy to use interface: We have recently invested in updating BookVAULT with a brand-new user interface – it’s now easier than ever to use!
  • And, COMING SOON! 3D proofs: See all 360-degrees of your book before it goes to print.

The best way to discover all of BookVAULT’s print-on-demand and auto-stock management features is with a demo:

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Why choose to print on-demand with BookVAULT?

With BookVAULT, you can print books in bulk or only when an order for a book is placed. That means there is no need for you to hold stock and no warehousing costs!

Learn more about print-on-demand and how it relates to our ‘book of one’ service in our blog

You can even tap into high-quality, low-cost colour book printing via BookVAULT. We have managed to create fuss-free, affordable colour print using the very latest in HD inkjet technology, with SC inks that print directly onto litho stock; producing photographic quality – and that can all be printed on-demand too!

So, whether you are looking for a colourful children’s book to be printed on-demand, or if you want to order your next run of mono novels, BookVAULT offers a solution for you.

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“I would absolutely recommend Printondemand-worldwide and BookVAULT. I used to create my training materials with a lever arch file and hole-punched A4 paper and now, with BookVAULT, we have books that our vast British and European customer base is hugely impressed with. The speed of turnaround, quality of print and flexibility of the system is exactly what we need – and we can see this being made even better with the introduction of the new BookVAULT.”

Lloyd Roden Consultancy

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Seamlessly go from print to distribution

Print your books on-demand through BookVAULT and they can automatically be distributed straight to your end customers, a distributor or your warehouse.

We offer the latest print-on-demand technology that you need for your larger volume print requirements – and you can access our network of wholesalers in the US and Europe with BookGLOBAL.

Learn more about global book distribution with BookGLOBAL

Print-on-demand for trade publishers

Print-on-demand is the perfect way to revive your backlist – there’s no need to print extensive numbers of older titles, with print-on-demand you can capture every sale without the need for stock.

Learn more about why your backlist is so important in our blog.

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Print-on-demand for independent publishers

You need a cost-effective print solution that also offers exceptional quality. You also want to widen the reach of your books and tap into new audiences. With BookVAULT and print-on-demand you can do just that.

We also know that you’re extremely busy, which is why we have made sure BookVAULT is as intuitive as possible – so you don’t need to waste time with unreliable systems. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services team is also ready and on-hand to help you from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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Frequently asked questions about BookVAULT:

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about BookVAULT and how it could work for you.

Once you have signed up to BookVAULT, you will also have access to a wealth of tutorial videos and articles to help you get set up and using the system. For now though, we have put together a few of the frequently asked questions about BookVAULT to help you get started:

What is ‘print-on-demand’?

Print on demand is the process in which books (or other documents or products) are only printed once a consumer has purchased a copy.

I want to print books on-demand – will BookVAULT work for me?

Yes! If you are a publisher, looking to tap into the benefits of print-on-demand, then BookVAULT is perfect for you.

Printing on-demand with BookVAULT – simply upload your titles and when an order is placed, we will get to work printing, binding and distributing that book.

Find out how print-on-demand could work for you, book a demo of BookVAULT today.

Need to print longer runs? Our other book printing services may be better for you!

Who can use BookVAULT?

Anyone who wants to be able to easily order, and re-order, the print of books. BooKVAULT has been specifically developed with independent, trade, academic, STM and children’s publishers in mind, as well as training companies with a requirement for printed training materials.

If you are looking for a one-off print run of an individual title, if you are a self-publisher or an author, then you may want to explore our other services:

BookPUBLISHER: Self-publish your book and have it printed with an ISBN and 100% royalties.

BookWIZARD: Get a quote on short run and long run book printing using our simple calculator and place your order online.

What book and journal formats can I print on-demand through BookVAULT?

There is LOTS of choice when it comes to book and journal formats in BookVAULT. We can do: hardback, paperback, colour, mono, wire-bound or saddle-stitched, all in different paper stocks. Just get in touch with us or book a demo today to learn more about the formats we can accommodate.

If I choose to print on-demand with BookVAULT, how do my books get distributed?

Through your BookVAULT account your print-on-demand titles can be delivered to your customer or back to your distributor, complete with packing notes and invoices, if required. The order will be as if your distributor had sent it.

We regularly work with the following distributors to fulfil our customers’ orders:

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