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Latest News:
PODW joins forces with Preactor to automate our systems!



Preactor International has 20 years of expertise, experience and domain knowledge in planning and scheduling applications covering every type of business. They offer and run industry standard operating systems and databases.

As part of a project with De Montford University looking at the Autonomous Systems Development Tool (ASDT) Preactor will be aiding Printondemand evaluate and implement a new automated order operating system in our plant.

The project is an interesting one....  Preactor will provide the systems, Printondemand provide the data and De Monfortfor University develop the autonomous agents in order to streamline the manufacturing process here at our plant.

The project works in partnership with our lean manufacturing initiatives, and we look forward to working with both Preactor and DeMontford University to move from manual scheduling to an automated system over the next few months!


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