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E-Book News: Apple update


New cover image requirements!

As part of a significant new update, Apple is changing the minimum size for eBook cover images. For distribution to the iBookstore, cover images should now be 1400 pixels wide, in the RGB colour space, and delivered as JPEG files. The new minimum size for cover images will be a requirement starting this August. Books already listed for sale on the iBookstore do not need to be redelivered. eBooks distributed with cover images less than the minimum size will be rejected by the retailer and will significantly delay your titles going on sale.

Our entire business and service is built around efficiently delivering, monitoring and reporting on eBook assets for publishers. With over 1000 retailers and 25,000 libraries worldwide we continuously strive to make improvements for our publishers in areas such as sales reporting, sales visibility, merchandising, discoverability and return on investment. As part of this process we regularly encounter changing requirements from multiple retailers. Any changes to our requirements will be published on our website and communicated to you through our monthly newsletter.

For further information on this, please contact [email protected]

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