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Our Services: Ebook Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the format of my ebook in?

The format you choose is mostly dictated by the style of printed book you have.  An illustrated book, with either black and white or colour pictures is not really suitable for PRC (Kindle) format, as it does not support it at the moment, so Epub would best suit.  However if your book is mostly text you are free to choose.

Currently PRC format (Kindle) equates to approx 50% of the market whilst 50% of the market supports Epub format.

You mention global distribution, does that mean you convert ebooks in other languages?


We can convert and sell effectively in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Our list of retailers cover the globe.  Should you require multi-language conversions contact us to discuss your needs.

I only offer ebooks currently, why should I offer a printed copy too?

MIT research has shown 70% of people who purchase an ebook also purchase the printed copy.  By offering both, you increase your revenue per sale.

If you do not currently sell printed books our POD service is perfect for you. There is no outlay, you just wait for a customer to purchase the printed copy and we will print just that one copy, then giving you the remaining revenue.

What if I have pre-converted ebooks and want to sell them through your retail service, can I do that?

Not a problem, simply upload your pre-converted file through our digital library, together with associated metadata and pricing information and we will do the rest!

As with all of our services, we look to work with you on the best approach for your needs.

What is metadata and how is it used?

Metadata in essence is a glossary which is used to market your ebook. In contains information about the book, synopsis of the book, ISBN number, as well as an in depth list of key words related to the content of the story, in order to market to the customer base most likely to purchase, normally via SEO.

The metadata form can be quite complex to get right, but it is required by all retailers to list your ebook, and we can work with your or for you to complete it.

You mention SEO, what’s that?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  It is the process of improving website, webpage, or in this case products (Your ebook) in internet search rankings. When we talk about your metadata, we use this to increase your likelihood of achieving interest in your e-book under certain keyword searches. (Either based on content, theme, target audience etc...)

SEO can be complex, we seek to use the data you provide to give you a helping hand with marketing your ebook.  The aim is to make sure your ebook is returned in internet searches and customers are then pointed in the right direction to purchase your ebook publication.

Why do you take a fee to distribute my ebooks to retailers?

Our fee is for handling multiple feeds to retail partners, preparing and supplying your metadata files and processing multiple payments from multiple retailers, whilst providing full reporting on every sale made to ensure total visibility for you.  As you can see, a lot of admin work takes place behind the scenes in order for your ebook to be available through retailers across the globe.

Why do I have to discount my e-book when I sell it through you?

Unfortunately you have to discount your book no matter who you sell it through. Most retailers dictate a discount. For example, Amazon terms specify a mandatory discount.

What we try and do is agree a discount range with you - then we list your item at the lowest possible discount within that range according to each retailer.  Usually this is between 35% and 50% to cover all current markets.  

When we provide you with sales reports we break down each sale to show discounts and any download fees applied by seller so you can see each sale at what price, including the discount.  

Do you have any other questions?

Please contact us for more informtaion, or call 01733 237867 to speak to one of the team directly and our ebook services.

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