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Our Services: Ebook Retail and Distribution

Ebook Retail and Distribution

Having an electronic version of your printed book is not the end of the line in terms of what Printondemand-worldwide can do for you.

Having an electronic offering is not enough in this day and age.

At Printondemand-worldwide we work directly with ebook retailers making your electronic publications available globally, earning you revenue from their sale.

Once your ebook is set up in digital form and uploaded into our digital repository you are ready to utilise our retail and distribution service options.

How does it work?

We feed title information (metadata) via direct feeds to all of the largest ebook wholesalers and retailers in global markets. We now have over 1,000 retailers and 65,000+ libraries worldwide in our list.

You then decide the sale price and discount range. Typical discount range to include all epub channels is 35-50%. Please note Kindle Amazon terms apply.

At this point we deduct our fee . On each purchase of your ebook title(s) we then pay you the remainder. No hidden charges, just pure revenue in your pocket.

This service is completely non-exclusive, giving you freedom to evaluate it at any point.

Please note ebooks are vatable.

E book services are vatable. 

What are the benefits?

  • Your publications in all formats, hard copy and electronic - making your content work for you!
  • First class ebook conversion 
  • Total security 
  • Access to international markets
  • We can convert and sell into Spanish, French, German and Italian markets
  • Speed of access to market, your ebook will be available within weeks not months!
  • Expert preparation of metadata
  • Ensuring it’s fully search engine optimised allowing you increased discoverability, and sales
  • Taking this time consuming and sometimes complicated task out of your hands!
  • Clear and upfront commission structure - no hidden charges to catch you out
  • Free key word preparation if using our ebook retail and conversion services
  • Sales statements providing transparent breakdown of what ebooks were sold where, at what price
  • You can sell both digital and printed versions of your book with our complimentary retail service - use POD to drive your book sales!

For more information by contact us or call 01733 237867 to speak to one of the team directly or download our E-Vault Brochure.

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