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Our Company: Testimonials and Case Studies

Taylor Francis Group

Taylor and Francis

Gareth Jarrett, Inventory Manager at Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor Francis Group

Taylor & Francis, building on two centuries of experience, has grown rapidly over the past two decades to become a leading international academic publisher. Based in the UK, the group has offices in London, Hove, Basingstoke and Abingdon, as well as international offices in New York, Boca Raton, Philadelphia, Singapore and Melbourne. The group publishes more than 700 journals and 2,500 new books each year, with a backlist of well over 60,000 specialist titles.

“Printondemand-worldwide is one of our core print-on-demand (POD) suppliers, and it has grown rapidly to become a very valuable partner for us, primarily because of its flexibility, outstanding customer service and excellent quality.

“We first started working with Printondemand-worldwide five years ago, when we decided we needed more options for supplying our growing POD list. We needed more variety and resilience, and Printondemand-worldwide was able to deliver that. The company is relatively new to the market, compared with other suppliers, but has grown very quickly and offers a high level of quality. Clear text and illustrations printed on good quality paper are important to us and to our customers, and we have deliberately placed some titles with Printondemand-worldwide to achieve that quality level.”

To download the Taylor and Francis case study in PDF format click here


Osprey Publishing

Rachel Cartwright, Operations Director at Osprey Publishing

Osprey Publishing

Osprey Publishing, based in Oxford, specialises in the publication of military history books, often featuring full-colour artwork, maps and photographs. The company is best known for its Men-at-Arms series, which comprises more than 400 titles, each of which is dedicated to a particular army or unit.

“We switched to digital printing three years ago. It was something we’d considered for a long time but every year that we approached it, the quality just wasn’t there. As a specialist publisher of military history titles, accuracy and quality are absolutely crucial. Our readers will not accept anything less and have no qualms about writing to us if the precise colour of a uniform, for example, is incorrect. Our books are considered by many readers to be historical records. They are seen as a source of reference that can be relied upon not just now but for many years to come. Our refusal to compromise on that is one of the reasons why our books are frequently used as source material for designers working on films or TV productions, which is something we’re very proud of.”

“It wasn’t until 2007 that we discovered two digital printers that were producing very good quality books, and that’s when it became a viable option. We initially worked with another supplier but were hugely let down by the standards of scheduling and the appalling communication. That’s when we moved over to Printondemand-worldwide and since then we haven’t looked back.”

To download the Osprey case study in PDF format click here


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