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Our Company: In The Community

Environmental Policy

In the community

Printondemand-worldwide has now been trading for nearly two decades and proudly celebrates its achievements both inside and outside the plant. Having been based in Peterborough since opening in 1995, we feel that we should be able to give back to the local people whose community we are in. We are always trying our best to be part of the local community by helping in as many ways as possible.

At Printondemand-worldwide we take huge pride in being both an environmentally and socially friendly company. Our employees have previously taken part in the following projects and schemes:

  • Litter picking projects
  • Local schools fund raising book printing and publishing initiatives, all funds raised going back in to the school
  • A PODW employees car share scheme
  • We donate to the Forest for Peterborough Project which goes towards the maintenence and planting of trees for 15 years


Sporting Acheivements

Printondemand-worldwide sponsors the 'Printondemand' polo team, which contains some PODW employees as well as non company team members. As a company we feel this is a great way to create team spirit within the workplace, we organise company outings to go to support the team in major tournaments, as well as helping to fund community sports teams who might otherwise struggle to fund their sporting endeavours. In 2013, we sponsored the Peterborough Falcons floorball team's kit and needless to say they are doing the company very proud!

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  • ISO 14001
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  • Investors in the Environment Green Award 2012