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  • How To Get Your Book Published

    If you want to get your book published there are two major routes that you can take. Of course each route comes with its own set of advantages and......Read More

  • Reflecting of Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

    This year’s Frankfurt Book Fair took place on 11th – 15th October. Arguably the fair is the publishing industry’s foremost global event. It’s certainly the world’s largest... fair...Read More

  • Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 – What You Should Know

    That time of year is once again upon us - when the publishing world becomes amass with excitement and preparation. A time when publishers writers and service... from...Read More

  • Find an Alter Ego

    I wrote about this idea before. I still think it’s a clever way to trick yourself into getting things done. I didn’t go as far as creating a......Read More

  • The National Acquisitions Group Conference

    The National Acquisitions Group Conference was held in York in glorious weather. It was quite low-key and perhaps for this reason not as well-attended by publishers as it might......Read More

  • The ALPSP International Conference

    The ALPSP International Conference of which we were a sponsor was held for the second year at The Belfry near Birmingham and was attended by delegates from a wide......Read More

  • The Independent Publishers Guild Quarterly Meeting

    The Independent Publishers Guild Quarterly Meeting once again took place in Faber’s offices near the British Museum. Eela Devani from Bloomsbury provided a case study on Building Online Communities.......Read More

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