World Book Night Research

The Reading Agency has reported that almost 60% of the 10,000 volunteers who assisted with World Book Night on 23rd April completed their feedback survey and that 98% of these said that they found the experience positive.  Their thoughts will help to shape World Book Night 2017. Since it began in 2011, World Book Night has recruited an amazing number – to be precise, 46,000 – of volunteers who have given away books to more than 2 million people.  This year, more than 250,000 books were given away on World Book Night itself.   The focus is especially to give books to the estimated 35% of the population who don’t read or don’t read very much.  An average of 93% of all volunteer givers in 2014 felt that they were able to reach people who don’t regularly read for pleasure or own books.

The Reading Agency intends to mobilise the huge number of passionate World Book Night volunteers who champion reading in their local communities not just on World Book Night, but throughout the year. The charity proved to be very popular amongst the respondents, 95% of whom thought that it was a positive thing that a national reading charity is now behind the event. 4,173 respondents (73%) said they’d like to be contacted about further opportunities and 62% said that they’d like year-round World Book Night events.

83% of the small sample of 200 recipients of the books who were surveyed said that receiving the book had encouraged them to read more. 84% also said they’d talked to other people about the book they’d received.

The results will act as the starting point for broader research into the impact of World Book Night on the recipients of books which The Reading Agency will conduct in 2018.  It has been given a grant from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for this purpose.