What Is Book Of One And How Can It Help Publishers?

You will have heard of print-on-demand by now – but just in case you haven’t, it’s a revolutionary process in which books (or other documents or products) are only printed once a consumer has purchased a copy.

At Printondemand-worldwide we call this a ‘book of one’ service. We produce our books using SCREEN’s Truepress Jet 520HD: a system that gives you the freedom to order whatever quantity is required without having to think about implications on the paper type or print quality, from a little as one copy

So, what is the ‘book of one’ service?

As a print specialist we have invested in the capabilities of printing single copy books without compromising quality or cost. With digital printing we are not limited to a large book order to satisfy our demand for printing. Litho printing, for example, works best when there is a higher volume of books that need printing, when the cost becomes lower. The book of one process that we work with means that we can print single copies of both mono and colour without the costs escalating. Giving you a true on-demand experience.

Traditionally, print-on-demand in colour, especially for the production and print of one single book has been impossible because of cost, with many publishers going abroad for their colour print. However, our service eliminates the need for this as books can be printed in quality colour cost-effectively. Read more here in our Myth busting – ‘colour printing is only possible with litho printingblog.

As a customer you can upload and approve your books or journals using our BookVAULT service and within minutes your order can be printed, bound, trimmed and ready for despatch to your end customer, distributor or warehouse.

Glossary for our ‘book of one’ service

There are lots of ways that our ‘book of one’ service can complement our other capabilities and benefits to you – a few of which are listed below:

  • Catalogue management

Once you upload a title to BookVAULT it stays in the portal – meaning you can go back and re-order with ease. This also means that backlist titles can be brought back to life with ease.

Learn more about the benefits of BookVAULT

  • Say ‘no’ to stock

Holding stock is a risk – and it costs money. With BookVAULT you print copies only when you need them – it truly is ‘print-on-demand’.

  • Print-on-demand

When a retailer or distributor receives an order, even if this is an order of one book, we have the capability to print and distribute this book rapidly, as well as automate orders.

  • Short run prints

Our inkjet printing allows you to keep the unit cost of each book low. If your order is for less than 25 copies and a standard finish, it can be completed within 48 hours of receipt. Larger orders are typically 2 to 4 working days.

For more printing and publishing terms, visit our full glossary.

At Printondemand-worldwide we believe in a fast turnaround that doesn’t compromise quality or increase costs. Have you started your ‘book of one’ journey? Contact us to learn more today