Twelve ideas publishers should embrace

A recent article inspired by a presentation given at  Klopotek seminar suggests that publishers are slow to harness the advantages offered by the Internet and digital technologies and are therefore getting left behind.  The author suggests the following twelve ways in which publishers can yank themselves into the 21st century by embracing new technologies and thinking a little more outside the box.  Whether you agree with the article, disagree with it, or think you are doing most of these things already (and therefore find it self-reinforcing), it makes quite compelling reading.  The 12 ideas it promotes are:

  1. Join the World Wide Web Consortium.
  2. Embrace the Web.
  3. Change the roles of standards and their governing bodies.
  4. Collate everything that is being said about a book.
  5. Gather and use data on open rates for digital books, the share of the book actually read and how persistent readers are.  Ask what this data might be telling you.
  6. Use and extend tools that encourage commentary, annotation and dialogue about book content.
  7. Embrace fan fiction.
  8. Organise communities, not just to be monetised, but to be supported.
  9. Experiment with conversion architectures that help attract and retain audiences.
  10. Think, and plan, globally.
  11. Rethink your views on hack publishing.
  12. Change the accepted approach to copyright.

The section under each of these headings contains further information and advice.  The full article may be found here