The PLS Annual Meeting

This year’s PLS Annual Open Meeting was held in July, for the second time at the RSC’s headquarters at Burlington House, Piccadilly.  It was presided over by Sarah Faulder, CEO of the PLS, and Mark Bide, its chairman. Here are some of the highlights from the meeting:

  • Last year was notable for the unprecedented levels of collaboration and co-operation the PLS has received in every aspect of its work. There has been greater behind-the-scenes co-operation with the CLA and a new members’ agreement has been signed with ALCS. A new partnership established with NLA has meant that the PLS has been licensing the majority of its repertoire for the past 18 months.
  • The PLS has updated its mandate to reflect that digital rights are now part of everyday business.
  • The governance process for PLS developed by Mark Bide is attracting a lot of interest from other countries.
  • The CLA’s revenues for 2016 – 2017 were £76.3m.  £63.9m of this came from the UK, and £12.4m from other countries.  Further breakdown figures: schools, £19.5m; businesses, 15.6m; HE, £14.9m; FE, £6.4m, local government, £6m and ‘transactional revenues’, £1.2m.  However, the CLA accepts that its relevance and value will diminish over time.  It will maintain its position as well as it can by evolving a value proposition to maintain relevance and meet market needs.  
  • The media access industry has achieved a major coup by securing agreement from the judiciary that snippets of text can attract copyright protection.
  • The UK Orphan Licences scheme was launched on 29th October 2014; 21 licences have been issued so far.  
  • The Copyright Hub is working well and the Government supports both the concept and its operation.  Richard Hooper has made a direct approach to more funding. 
  • The IPO is about to publish its intellectual copyright enforcement strategy for the next 5 years. New EU legislation on copyright is expected in December this year.  The package will include measures to enforce the IP legislation.