The Independent Publishers Guild Quarterly Meeting

The Independent Publishers Guild Quarterly Meeting once again took place in Faber’s offices near the British Museum. Eela Devani from Bloomsbury provided a case study on Building Online Communities. She said that Bloomsbury has now taken the Writers and Artists Yearbook (of which it has published 107 editions, most, of course, under the A & C Black imprint) online and as a result has built from it an author community platform, using content from the book to which has been attached expert and community support to add value and build an online brand.

Stephanie Hall, from Faber, gave a great summary of Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] and how to use it. She also provided details of free online tools that can be accessed to help manage an SEO programme, including Google Trends, Facebook Analytics and Topsy. Holger Volland, from the Frankfurt Book Fair, offered a European perspective on the latest digital trends. Finally, Will Atkinson, Sales Director of Faber, provided some market intelligence that suggested that e-book sales have slowed and showed that consumer take-up of e-books has happened at uneven rates across different genres and sectors. See here