The Great British Bookshop introduced

Our Business Development Director Jean Roberts gave a presentation to The Booksellers’ Association’s Academic, Professional and Specialist Booksellers Conference, which ran from the 12th to 13th of March.  Jean talked about how PODW’s current services were being extended into and combined with our new online consumer channel, The Great British Bookshop.  Jean outlined her vision for The Bookshop becoming a destination site for true book lovers, which will be achieved by using social media and other strategies and platforms to build communities of readers, as well as by incorporating new features into The Bookshop site itself.  Crucial to this journey will be a philosophy of forming partnerships with, and working alongside, every element of the book trade, and not being antagonistic or hostile to any.

The Bookshop will support publishers by:

  • Offering reasonable and fair discounts
  • Selling advertising and promotional slots at affordable prices
  • Using leading digital technology to print on demand, freeing capital and time to encourage publishing diversity

…and will be of benefit to the book trade in general by:

  • Encouraging, and providing a platform for, literary discussion
  • Connecting publishers, authors and readers to the bookselling function
  • Creating a genuinely distinctive style and form of online book-selling

There is much work to do along these lines, but there are early indicators that The Bookshop (a member of The Booksellers’ Association) is positioning itself alongside, rather than in opposition to physical bookshops.  It has sponsored a Byte The Book forum on the future of bookselling in the digital age and is supporting the national Books are my Bag campaign.

PODW has always embraced change as an opportunity to develop its services and processes, and The Great British Bookshop initiative belongs firmly to this approach.