How to sell your books online for beginners!

We understand that, as an author, you are always looking for new avenues/ways to sell your books. With people like Joe Wicks (The Body Coach), an ordinary bloke from London only a few years ago, who now has sold millions of books online, highlighting the possibilities of how a regular Joe (see what I did there?) can rocket to the top online.

What can YOU do to increase your chances?


  1. Choose the right social platform for you (blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., etc.) and then focus your efforts on building your presence on that single, social platform before considering diversifying out. Work on your posting schedule (how often you post and when), your own personal style (if you can represent your personality online effectively: you’ll do great) and learn HOW you can find your target demographic.
  2. Once you’ve narrowed down which platform you’re going to master: make sure you stay consistent. Consistency is king when it comes to a good social presence. In a world where attention is scare and time is valuable – you need to give your audience a reason to stay and then come back to you.
  3. Now that you’ve figured out what posting schedule works for you and you’re starting to notice people are ‘liking’ your posts or even commenting, it is then your job to engage with your audience. People appreciate that you’d take the time out to speak with them on a personal level (this also builds trust).
  4. Know your demographic well, know what they value, know who you’re trying to sell to and think about who your book is for! Develop your ideal ‘buyer persona’ and think of your audience in this way.

Now, here’s what you ABSOLUTLEY cannot do online!


  1. SPAM. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this…
  2. Don’t talk about your personal life on your business platforms. Your audience are interested in what you are doing behind the scenes; but they’re not interested in what you had for dinner yesterday… or how your favourite sports team did SO BADLY last weekend. Keep what you post about relevant, valuable and professional.
  3. Here is the real killer… Don’t undervalue your book! Authors make the mistake of under-pricing their books in hopes that it will bring in more sales. But… if you do not believe in what you are selling – then who will? As counter-productive as it may sound, you need to set a price and stick to it.
  4. Finally: don’t undervalue the impact of brand advocates. If you can form a community of ‘early adopters’ who will spread the word about your upcoming book release, without having to force/pay them to, you’re saving yourself money and time. WOM (Word of Mouth) marketing could prove to be the kick-starter to your success.

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Value, consistency and strength of your band… The formula to success.