Publishers Licensing Society Open Day Round Up

This year’s PLS Open Day was held at the Church House Conference Centre in Westminster.  Introduced by Mark Bide, the new Chairman of the PLS, Sarah Faulder, its CEO, opened the formal part of the day with a short update.  She said that publishers’ revenues from secondary licensing last year had totalled £33.5m. 

Tom West, Head of Operations, gave the audience a breakdown of the funds that have been collected.  Education (£12.3m), business (£9.3m) and income from overseas (£8.3m) were the top earners.  The top earning territories are Australia, the USA and Japan. 

Richard Hooper talked about the Copyright Hub which has been set up as a direct result of the feasibility study for a digital copyright exchange that was undertaken by himself and Dr Ros Lynch.  He particularly praised the PLS team for its unwavering support for the project, saying that all parties involved have been positive about the initiative, but that the PLS team has been ‘very special’.  The Copyright Hub was formally launched the week after the Open Day, on July 8th.

The final address was delivered by John Whittingdale, OBE, who is MP for Maldon, and for the past seven years has been Chairman of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport [DCMS] Committee. He gave a very witty and perceptive speech which also served to reassure the audience that the government has revised its ideas on copyright somewhat and is not about to dismantle copyright law wholesale.  He said that the creative industries are of huge benefit to this country. 

The formal part of the day, which was very well attended by representatives from all sectors of the publishing industry, concluded with an informal drinks and networking session.