PrintonDemandWorldWide: A Short Introduction to Our Print Services

At PrintonDemandWorldWide, we develop new services at such a rate that it can be difficult for us to keep up with which ones our customers are familiar with, and sometimes even more difficult for you to find the service you want by trawling through all our handbooks and promotional materials.

We’re aware that our documentation needs streamlining: it’s an urgent work in progress.  In the meantime, we hope perhaps that a series of short, straightforward articles about what we’re able to provide will be helpful.

This is the first of the articles.  It concentrates on describing the core printing services on which we have built our business and our reputation.  Future articles will cover distribution, subscription management, retail solutions and other innovative services.

The Core Offer

Our core offer has always been the production of black-and-white or (more recently) colour printed books and journals.  These are now produced within 24-72 hours of order receipt.  Books may be perfect-bound or case-bound.  Books and journals are available within the A6 – A4 size range.

True on-demand book and journal printing are available.  However, many of our customers use us to manage stock in a variety of ways, according to the demands of their businesses.

Short- Run and Auto-Stock Replenishment

When short-run or stock replenishment is required, a full production proof can be supplied within 2 -4 working days of receipt of the files.  Order fulfilment and despatch will then take place within 7 – 10 working days after approval of the proof copy.  

Stock printing

Publishers who use PODWW for stock printing usually place orders for multiple copies of the same title.  (A typical order would be for 25 copies or more).  Auto-stock printing, for automatic stock replenishment, comes within this category.  A key advantage PODWW can offer is that book and journal production can both be supplied from the same warehouse and managed by the same production and customer service contacts, thus streamlining communications considerably.

Scanning out-of-print books

PODWW offers high-resolution scanning to convert hard copy into printer-ready PDF format.  The service includes scanning each page to image, re-collating the file into a PDF and enhancing file quality to ensure that mixed text and images don’t ‘scramble’. If required, using high-resolution colour scanning PODWW can also redesign and re-typeset the title to create a new edition and scan and recreate the original cover, or alternatively help to create a new cover. Blemishes can be repaired and the spine size adjusted as necessary.


 Colour printing: POD, short-run and auto-stock replenishment

PODWW is proud of its short-run full-colour printing facility. Traditional litho-printed colour plate sections were not cost-effective for print runs of fewer than 250 copies. However, we have now invested in industry-tested digital colour printing presses that employ the latest workflow technology to enable the economic production of books containing colour inserts. We can insert colour pages anywhere in the book.  Most types of paper stock can be used for this service. PODWW’s Truepress (a high-definition web colour inkjet printer) has been installed to run alongside the digital colour cut-sheet presses.  This ensures near lithographic quality on all the books that come from the presses.



PODWW’s high-quality, high-resolution digital colour printers produce large quantities of perfect-bound covers every week. The depth and stability of the colour is exceptional.  High-quality photographic reproduction can also be created on these machines. Covers for perfect binding can be produced on a wide variety of industry-standard card.  Printed paper cases [PPCs] and dust jackets for case-bound books are also available.


Bespoke Finishing

The bespoke finishing options available from PODWW include: 

  •  Saddle stitching on booklets 
  •  Wiro binding 
  •  Coil/Spiral binding 
  •  Drilled holes for binder sets with tabs
  •  Shrink wrapping
  •  Embossed printing on covers 
  •  Crusher panels.

 And PODWW can collate, put inserts in books and journals, and provide mailing facilities.


Book Vault

Book Vault facilitates PODWW’s true print-on-demand service, which is also sometimes known as a ‘virtual stock’ solution or ‘auto stock replenishment’.  As mentioned above, there is also the option to order longer runs of books and journals in a competitive range of bind styles and paper choices.  At PODWW, just-in-time does not imply any kind of compromise on quality.

Once a single copy of a title has been deposited in Book Vault the publisher has gained access to a tool that allows management of the order and manufacture process transparently and simply.   It will take only a few minutes to upload each title.  Orders are placed directly into the print ordering system in real time; the system tracks them right the way through to final delivery. 

Book Vault makes possible the simultaneous uploading of files and metadata via a single secure virtual digital repository.  In essence, it is a huge digital library containing all the titles customers have supplied.  Each publisher has access to its own titles only and can manage them according to business needs.  





PODWW’s print-on-demand single copy system has built-in flexibility which allows publishers to order single copies of multiple format books and journals and offers a choice of binding types and text and cover papers – all with full online visibility.  Any number of copies between 1 and 2000 can be printed. Maximum spine depth is 60mm.  Perfect binding is available for page extents of 20 and above (although there may be restrictions on spine text and spine colour for very slim volumes; these don’t apply for volumes of 48 pages or higher).  Book Vault Specials are available for customers with unusual printing or binding requirements – more information about these can be supplied upon request.


Journal Vault

Journal Vault is a sophisticated software solution designed to support academic publishers and learned societies.  It consists of a 24/7 web-based management system which enables customers to upload journal files and update them digitally, print and despatch the journals and track their progress through the system (single copy journals can also be produced via this facility). It can also be used to manage and modify subscription lists online, gain access to comprehensive sales analytics, manage catch-ups and claims, and manage article reprints. It allows customers to dispense with the cost of warehouse facilities and stock surpluses. 


Global Printing Facilities

PODWW is able to offer global print services through partnership arrangements made with local plants in several territories, including Australia (short-run printing and offset book and journal printing available) and the USA (single copy printing, short-run printing; and offset book and journal printing available).


We hope that this short introduction to our print services is useful.  For more information please see our Quote Wizard or call 01733 237867