OPUS: Digital Success Stories from Independents who Innovate

The Oxford Publishing Society [OPUS] held its latest meeting on 14th May.  The theme of the meeting was Digital Success Stories from Independents who Innovate. Presenters included Tim Williams, from Elgar Online, Matt Kibble, from Bloomsbury Collections and Richard McMunn from How2become.com, a training and recruitment company that sells publications in many formats, including psychometric tests.  The last of these presentations was a masterclass in how to use free or very cheap online technology, including Google Analytics and YouTube.  Recent graduates are harnessed to blog on How2become’s behalf and the company has experimented a great deal with the Freemium model.  It holds a burgeoning database of customers who are offered half-price deals that cover productions costs. 

More about How2become.com may be found at https://www.how2become.com/

More about the Oxford Publishing Society may be found at http://www.opusnet.co.uk/