ONIX 3.0 Raises The Standard of E-Book Metadata

Over the past ten years, ONIX for books has become all but ubiquitous as the lingua franca of metadata for book publishing in North America, Europe and increasingly, the Asia Pacific region.  It allows print book and e-book publishers to create and manage a single body of rich metadata about their products and to exchange it with their customers, in the words of Graham Bell, Chief Data Architect at EDItEUR, ‘in a coherent, unambiguous and largely automated manner’.

However, dramatic changes in the publishing landscape now mean that the most widely-implemented version of ONIX, 2.1, is not well-fitted for today’s global book business.  ONIX 3.0 has therefore been developed to match modern needs, but its uptake is proving relatively slow.  Graham Bell has made the case with some eloquence for the adoption of ONIX 3.0 by all publishers as soon as possible, and points out that those who don’t are likely to suffer from significant missed business opportunities.

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