Labour Party Digital Report

The party conference season has just ended, and this year the conferences have been of particular significance because they will be the last before the next General Election. The Labour Party Digital Group announced at the Labour Party Conference that it has published its report Number One in Digital. This aims to show that a future Labour administration will ensure that the UK is the ‘leading digital nation of the 21st century’. 

The Digital Group was created at the request of Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna, MP, and was launched in March 2014.  It is a grassroots network of over 300 digital professionals, chaired by Lord Mitchell, a former technology entrepreneur.   The report makes a large number of promises and recommendations, among the most important of which are:

  • That it will publish an annual Technology Impact Assessment that forecasts how new technology will impact different sectors on the economy
  • That it will undertake an annual review – with impact assessments –  of the IP landscape ‘to guarantee that legislation, regulation and legal codes keep place with technological developments’
  • That it will create a UK Digital Board, comprised of a minister and ‘digital experts’ who will report to the Prime Minister.

To read the report in full please click here.