In Search of The Holy Grail

If you want to control spend on printing costs and storage, maintain a ‘living’ backlist of titles and have access to high quality printing on-demand, it may sound like you are searching for the Holy Grail.  So you will be pleased to know that this unified package of print, publishing and distribution services is not fiction.  It is very real, and available now through our BookVAULT solution.

In our world, we are on a mission to provide seamless solutions that make life easier for you, that save money, and that integrate well into your operations.  With the BookVAULT, we believe we have cracked it! As visionary founder and Managing Director Andy Cork said when describing it, “It is the platform that brings together many pieces of the publishing jigsaw puzzle which are costly, time-consuming and resource-heavy.”

The BookVAULT is an online platform that makes it easy to manage your print catalogue and print on-demand.  Simply upload your books or journals, and within minutes your order is prepared for printing, then bound, trimmed and ready for despatch.  From an administration perspective, it provides catalogue management through an online portal; a curated backlist of titles that can be bought back to life with ease; an end to costly waste in stocks and warehousing, since copies are printed only when needed; a rapid and efficient print-on-demand service to print and distribute, as well as automate orders; and fast-turnaround on short run prints using inkjet printing that keep the unit cost of each book low.  And, we are flexible and versatile enough to handle a full bespoke service in both print and production.

Add to this our BookWIZARD – an online estimator where you can check the most effective way of producing a book. Typically this is a time-consuming and necessary activity. It is now calculated in minutes, freeing up time and resources for publishers and authors alike.

So if you are still searching for The Holy Grail of Print and Publishing, contact us on +44 (0) 1733 515357 for a chat.

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