Has E-Mail Been Outdone By The Post?

has email been outdone by the post

Technology has advanced dramatically, and in the previous years, there has been a digital overload. This inevitably has led to the revival of physical and traditional mediums. In the past years, the sale of physical printed books has risen while the sale of e-books has declined. The same is the case with direct mail; in successful marketing, direct mail has re-enforced its authority over emails.
The recent email benchmarking report by DMA found that people open and read their emails 14.2% of the time. However, they have become more cautious about clicking which has resulted in a reduction of aggregate click-through rate.
This is terrible news for all those marketers that still focus on using emails for advertisements.
Research conducted by TouchPoints found that a vast majority, almost 90%, of people open some of their physical mail almost immediately, while other research by Royal Mail MarketReach shows that 87% of people who received online mail were influenced to purchase some product as a direct result of such online mail.
Judith Donovan, the chairwoman of Strategic Mailing Partnership, is of the opinion that the effectiveness of email as a marketing tool has waned due to a variety of reasons. She believes that email has become less targeted. People don’t put any effort in its accuracy or relevance because it is so cheap. It has become full of scams and spam which is why it has become difficult to find a genuine email.
On the other hand, the managing director of DMP, Tony Kemp, says that the effectiveness of email can be increased by using it in tandem with print. He believes that email should be a part of multiple channels such as telephone, email, print, and even a reminder mailing. Physical and digital mail combined has the most significant effect It is better to use both to better inform the client. For example, first a catalogue can be sent to the customers, and a reminder email can be sent after a few days to act as a prompt. This will help to get even those people who did not make an initial purchase. Another survey by MarketReach showed that campaigns which included mail were 27% more efficient as top ranking sales performance and 40% more likely to achieve top ranking acquisition levels than campaigns which did not use mail.
Tim Bond, head of insight DMA, says that when a client receives mail and has a physical interaction with it, it becomes the most engaging channel for marketers. With the help of data insight and digital print, it has become possible to tailor print communication according to the client’s age and interests. Personalising the content of the mail is the key to making the whole communication dynamic and also increases your conversion rates.

Decrease in mail has increased its value

In recent years, people have been getting less and less mail that is why when some mail reaches the office or your home it is bound to be given attention. It is something that you can feel and touch which makes it different from email and much more engaging. According to Tim Bond, it is crucial for marketers to make sure that no matter what medium they use their content of the mail should be exciting so that the customer can quickly engage with it. The basic rule of successful marketing is the exchange of value between the business that wants to grow and prosper and the client who wants to benefit from your product.

The secret to success

Marketing success is only possible if you make the viewpoint of your customer the guideline for your business and work on marketing campaigns that engage them in multiple ways. There are some printing tools available to companies nowadays that have increased the effectiveness of direct mail which is it is safe to say that direct mail will remain a welcome part of marketing.