E-Book Publisher Power Rankings

In the last issue of E-Telligence, our email newsletter we presented some results from three recent e-books surveys.  To these, we’d now like to add key findings from a US survey conducted by Digital Book World.  The output from the survey is called Ebook Publisher Power Rankings, and its objective is to rank how well each publisher is doing at e-book sales. Its methodology is to look at the 13 weekly US top-25 e-book bestseller lists from the first quarter of 2013 and count how many times each publisher had a title on the list.  Obviously, this only provides approximate results in terms of outright numbers of e-books sold, but it still offers some illuminating information.  For the first quarter of 2013, the survey lists the following five top-ranking publishers:  

  1. Hachette: 88 appearances 
  2. Random House: 87 appearances 
  3. Penguin: 42 appearances
  4. Self-published (all authors): 22 appearances
  5. Macmillan: 18 appearances.

It won’t have escaped notice that self-published books feature prominently here.  According to the survey, 7% of all weekly US best-sellers were self-published in the first quarter of 2013 and two no.1 best-sellers in that time, Damaged by H.M. Ward and The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken.

 For more information about the survey click here