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Printondemand-worldwide Blog - January

  • Parents prefer printed books over e-books

    A New York based non-profit organisation dedicated to studying and promoting children’s reading has released a report stating that parents and children both prefer reading printed books when reading......Read More

  • There's Life in Dead Trees

    According to ebook evangelists the reign of printed books is over. “Dead tree” publishing is the past e-books are here to stay and the sooner we get used to......Read More

  • The Lean Publisher Conference Summary

    On Friday 7th June 2017 Printondemand-worldwide was delighted to welcome delegates and speakers to another of our occasional and informal conferences. The theme this time was “Lean Publishing” with......Read More

  • Lean Forward

    Our recent Lean Publishing conference reminded me of my recent experiences working for a UK publisher to develop its POD and ebook programmes. The objective was to improve cash......Read More

  • BIC Brekkie Round Up

    It was great to see familiar and new faces at the BIC Breakfast on Monday 24th June at a café in Soho London.

    The event was based on the......Read More

  • The Author Publisher Dialogues

    The Author Publisher Dialogues took place at Portcullis House (part of the House of Commons) on 11th June. They were chaired by Tristram Hunt MP Chairman of the All-Party......Read More

  • E-Book Publisher Power Rankings

    In the last issue of E-Telligence our email newsletter we presented some results from three recent e-books surveys. To these we'd now like to add key findings......Read More

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