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  • Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 Highlights

    Some highlights from the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 8th – 12th October

    The following four short pieces seek to capture the essence of some key events at this year’s......Read More

  • Global Trends in Publishing

    In advance of the Frankfurt Book Fair the organisers commissioned a report by Rüdiger Wischenbart entitled Global Trends in Publishing in 2014 which takes a keen look at the......Read More

  • Digital Highlights from the National Acquisitions Group Conference

    The National Acquisitions Group Conference took place in York on 3rd and 4th September. As usual speakers were drawn in part from the public library in part from the......Read More

  • Twelve ideas publishers should embrace

    A recent article inspired by a presentation given at Klopotek seminar suggests that publishers are slow to harness the advantages offered by the Internet and digital technologies and are......Read More

  • Digital watermarking makes a comeback

    Digital watermarking first made its debut some years ago when academic publishers were looking for alternatives to those conventional DRM technologies that were particularly frustrating for academic e-book users......Read More

  • Selling Rights

    The seventh edition of Lynette Owen’s incomparable guide to Selling Rights was published in November. Long recognised as the leading guide in its field this edition contains among much......Read More

  • Enhanced e-books: what's wrong with them?

    On the subject of enhanced e-books journalist Paul Cameron analyses their virtues and defects in a thoughtful and comprehensive piece recently published in Digital Book World.

    He begins by......Read More

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