Busting The Print Sector Carbon Footprint

wind farm environment

At Printondemand-worldwide (PODW) we are no strangers to introducing disruptive thinking that brings about positive change. Socially-responsible and driven by a need to Give Back to our community and our planet, we have embarked on a global mission to ensure that all our customers know about our carbon neutral programme.

Let us consider the facts: typically an average book printed in black and white with a perfect-bound colour cover equates to approximately 1.8kg of carbon emissions.

Our industry encourages us to reduce carbon emissions. We have an obligation to operate more sustainably and reduce the impact that book publishing and bookselling has on the environment – from using paper from sustainable sources, reducing plastic bag usage, to examining the supply chain.

Over the years, PODW has won many awards for our environmental credentials, but we have decided to go further. We are printers. We produce books. We know that digital print, by its very nature, is a less wasteful process than lithographic printing. We also feel that it is important to continue to reduce waste, and reuse or recycle materials where possible. Our paper is FSC & PEFC certified and sourced from sustainable forests. However, we still feel we can do more. We have an ongoing interest in becoming a carbon neutral company and we are actively engaged with environment consultants. As part of this exercise, we look at renewable energy sources, investigate carbon offsetting and develop long-term strategies towards becoming a carbon neutral company.

The good news is that we have worked out a way to offset carbons for our printing. For each book produced we are able to use our calculator to estimate values for carbon emissions. We can then present the costs involved which we then use to plant trees on your behalf to offset your carbon footprint, making you a carbon neutral publisher.

We think this is a win-win situation.

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