Books on the Move Award

The Publishers Association and IC Tomorrows Contest Group have jointly sponsored an innovation award that has been motivated by a recent YouGov survey that suggests that more than four million UK adults never read a book for pleasure, while more than 12 million have picked up a book to read for pleasure only once or twice over the past 12 months.  The PA and ICT say that now mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous, access to published content has never been easier: consumers of ebooks can read content anywhere, on a tablet, ebook reader or mobile device. They point out that the publishing industry is embracing the possibilities that mobile technology brings (many publishers now offer short-form content which is particularly well suited for consumption on the go), but feel that still more could be done to try to engage the casual reader via the mobile platform. 

A competition has therefore been launched to develop an application, service or tool that will help to connect more readers to mobile published content. 

Applicants are invited to consider particularly the following:

  • Solutions which work best with short form or snippets (e.g. first chapter) of content and how these might link to future commercial/marketing opportunities for publishers
  • Solutions which help the publishing industry to enhance the profile of existing content with those who would not normally go to the effort of buying a book, e or otherwise.

The competition carries a prize of £25,000; for more about it, please click here.