BookExpo America 2014

Book Expo America took place on May 30th – 1stst June this year, and was attended by PODWW’s Managing Director, Andy Cork. 

One of the star attractions of BEA in recent years has been the IDPF Digital Book Conference and this year was no exception. Nicholas Carr, a noted e-book sceptic, gave the keynote.  He said that despite early industry apprehension over technology, overall the book industry was in good shape.  However, he asserted that ‘the mind we read with is different in a book’ and ultimately in conflict with the growth of technology around us. 

Most of the others presenting took the opposite view.  Other prominent speakers, including Lori Benton (Scholastic), Peter Brantley (a well-known librarian and book trade columnist) and Bella Andre (a successful self-published author) gave presentations that demonstrated that publishers, retailers and libraries are all using technology in different, more effective, ways to connect people with books.  Peter Brantley was particularly eloquent, saying that ‘the book is not the format but the expressions within it’.

Bella Andre said that ‘the digital self-publishing revolution is coming to print eventually’, meaning that successful self-published authors need to make their work available in both formats.