Biggest Spenders on E-books

According to new research by Statista, Japanese readers now spend the most money on e-books per individual user, at around $86.50. Following closely behind are digital readers in the U.K., who spend on average £84.00. Readers based in the United States will spend on average $46 on e-books.

The main reason that expenditure in Japan is so much higher is that in the USA is that the Japanese digital publishing industry classifies manga (comics) as e-books; manga accounts for 80% of all digital book sales in the country. If a single comic sells over 100,000 copies in the USA, it is considered a bestseller.  By contrast, in 2014 in Japan, one manga sold 11,885,957.  Editions of several others have sold in the millions.

This news suggests that more money is spent per user on ‘real’ e-books in the UK than in any other country.

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