BIC Brekkie Round Up

It was great to see familiar and new faces at the BIC Breakfast on Monday 24th June at a café in Soho, London.

The event was based on the physical supply chain and after an introduction from Karina Luke from BIC, our very own Chris Kinsey led a discussion on Lean Publishing and how E&P is the emerging publishing model.  Paul Almeroth from Woodland Media also spoke about freight and shipping and the importance of good communication across the supply chain.  The final speaker was Sheila Bounford from Off The Page Ideas who discussed new and emerging technology and how this could be incorporated into the current supply chain and how it could change processes moving forward. If there was one main point we took away from the morning, it was that improvements in quality and turnaround times mean that you don’t need to compromise in order to take advantage of POD.

It was a great morning and a great idea by BIC to have a breakfast conference as it was a chance to actually discuss with the speakers their ideas and views in an informal environment. The yummy food was an added bonus!