Back to School

The new UK primary school curriculum obliges computer coding to be taught from September, but many teachers say that they haven’t received sufficient training to be able to teach it properly. 

A survey undertaken by Ocado Technology suggests that as many as 130,000 teachers feel they need more support. Ocado has launched some resources to help, under the name Code for Life, while BT is supporting an initiative called Barefoot Computing and Microsoft is also offering help.  There are some opportunities here for publishers to produce teaching guides and manuals in ebook format, perhaps? More about this may be found at here

Meanwhile, a recent report in The Guardian says that sixth-formers taking A-level Sociology are to study topics such as social media, the culture of selfies, online safety and how to maintain privacy on the internet. The topics are part of a new course drawn up by OCR, one of England’s biggest exam boards, which said that the subject should not be seen as a soft option. For the whole of The Guardian article, click here