ALPSP International Conference 2017 – Meet Us There!

The ALPSP International Conference will take place from in September, at the Park Inn, Heathrow. Once again, PODWW will be attending: if you’d like to meet us there, please contact [email protected] 

Last year PODW launched Journal Vault which is a print and subscription management system for journals. The software use is free but we will be offering ALPSP members discounts on joining the service on print. If you are not planning to attend the conference but would like more information please contact Andy for further details.

ALPSP holds a competition for Innovation in Publishing each year, and has just announced the shortlist.  It includes the following: Bookmetrix from Altmetric and Springer SBM; CHORUS : advancing public access to research; eLife: Lens open-source reading tool from eLife; Impact Vizor, from HighWire Press; JSTOR Daily online magazine; Kudos toolkit for researchers and their publishers; Overleaf authorship tool; RightFind XML for Mining, from the Copyright Clearance Center; The Xvolution board game, from NSTDA.

The winner will be announced at the ALPSP Awards Dinner later on in the month.  If you haven’t yet booked for the conference and would like to see the programme, it may be found at