7 Reasons to Print on Demand

1 Cheaper Stockholding

Keeping books in warehouses or offices costs money and takes up space. By printing copies only when they are needed, the need for storage can be drastically reduced or eradicated altogether. For small publishers, it’s a welcome end to boxes of books piled high in the home office or garage- and it’s a more environmentally friendly model too.

2 Good customer service

Books printed on demand can be swiftly passed on to their buyers. About 20% of copies printed by Printondemand-Worldwide are dispatched the very same day. Because they are coming straight off the press, they will be in pristine condition too, and not at risk of damage from months or years of warehousing or transportation. The books we print have only three touchpoints before they leave our factory.

3 Ultra-low runs

POD’s pay-as-you-go model makes particularly good sense for specialist publishers requiring low-volume but frequent printing. At publishers where 50 copies already counts as a long print run, the ability to print a single copy is a good way to cut the risk of investing in a big print run. One-copy orders and auto stock replenishment account for 90% of our production now.

4 Forever in print

With print on demand, books need never fall out of print again. Previously, titles that did not justify a full print run might be left to disappear, but POD gives publishers the opportunity to make them available to consumers forever. Their text can be updated at any time too, without the need to return to a high-volume print run.

5 Top print quality

If you have not taken a look at POD output for a while, you may be surprised at the capabilities. Printondemand-Worldwide has invested in new inkjet technology that prints to the same quality as litho, and on coated stock too—but in a faster and more cost-effective way.

6 International reach

Networks of worldwide print partners like ours—which includes specialists in the US and Australia among other countries—can help small publishers achieve a global reach. It slashes the time publishers need to service orders in international markets. Our slogan is ‘Think global, print local.”

7 Good value

The difference in price between POD and traditional printing methods has narrowed dramatically in recent years, and Printondemand-Worldwide can now provide it at roughly the same cost as long runs. Perhaps the real question to ask about POD in 2018 isn’t why publishers should choose it—but why not?