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The Lean Publisher conference Speakers page

Thomas Hoppe

Production Director, E H Verlag

Thomas Hoppe, born 1957 in Cologne, Germany, lawyer, founder of EHV Academicpress (Academic Publishing) in 1997 and of Brebook GmbH in 2012 (specialized in software for publishers with a focus on the integration of POD).

Lean Publishing

The world of academic publishing changed dramatically over the last decade.  This change has brought about a number of challenges for E H Verlag.  Cost pressures , the intracases of making titles available worldwide and book production to name a few.  These challenges also provide opportunities with streamlined thinking however; lower thresholds for new publications, wider markets and lower overall costs if done properly!  Thomas shared his experience at E H Verlag and brought a Publishers perspective when talking about publishing strategy and how to get the most from your list.


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