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The Lean Publisher conference Speakers page

Richard Fidczuk

Production Director, Sage

Richard Fidczuk (C Dir) has been Production Director at SAGE Publications in London since 1998, overseeing all aspects of book and journal print and also online production for SAGE's UK publishing operations. Richard has been in production for over 25 years, after graduating with a degree in Physics and Astrophysics from Leicester University. Richard has previously worked for the Institute of Physics Publishing, Prentice-Hall, and Blackwell Publishers, and has extensive experience of both digital and print production. Richard is SAGE's representative on NISO (the National Information Standards Organization), and is the chair of the ALPSP Research Committee. 

Lean Production

Finding the balance between lean thinking and lean doing is key for any business wanting to grow.  Lean Production is all about efficiency, eliminating unnecessary waste in processes and in the supply chain as a whole in order to work more effectively as a business. SAGE has embodied the lean philosophy in its approach to growing its journals and book publication lists over recent years.  This list growth has been both by organic and through acquisition and as such has brought different challenges; an increase in list size, the use of multiple suppliers, and reduction in print run length but increases in print frequency. How does a business become more ‘lean’ when it’s processes become so much more complex? Richard spoke about his experiences at SAGE, the complexities he, like so many other Publishers faces, and the specific business production strategies they have adopted in order to remain efficient in a competitive world.  


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