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From P to E: Embracing Digital Change Speakers Page

Rich Westwood

General Manager, Cambridge Hitachi



Rich Westwood has worked in publishing since 1996; his career has taken in magazines, trade books, educational books and CD-ROMs, and online subscription services. Since 2005 Rich has worked at Cambridge University Press and more recently at Cambridge-Hitachi, a joint venture company focused on educational technology and content. 

QR codes and beyond - consumers see a missed opportunity

Rich will present an overview of a research project looking at the place of page-to-web in the print publishing ecosystem, including a market overview of page-to-web technologies; how are they being used? Are they being used well? Are they delivering value? Consumer reaction to page-to-web technologies - are they really ready? A comparison of the technologies now available to publishers. Readers' own ideas on the value of page-to-web content in terms of cover price. Readers' thoughts on editorial uses and publisher’s reaction from the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs.

To view Rich's slides from the day, click here

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