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From P to E: Embracing Digital Change Speakers Page

Martin Seeley

Previously General Manager, Waterstones


Martin Seeley has 20 years experience of bookselling and for past 12 years in academic bookselling. His most recent position was General Manager of Waterstones Gower Street; the flagship academic store in the heart of Bloomsbury. Over the course of my book career I have managed various campus sites as well as holding the post of Waterstones Academic Manager overseeing the campus estate and have worked in a number of high street branches too. He lives in London with his wife Vanessa and Their cat Vienna. Apart from books, his major preoccupations are collecting vinyl and the fortunes of Fulham FC.

Embracing Digital Change in the Academic Bookshop

Going forward the major concern is how we as an industry can deliver the content our customers need in the formats they require. Using his frontline bookselling experience, Martin will examine customer feedback and how we can respond to changing demands. He feels that the key concept we need to embrace for our customers is that of value and of which consists of three factors: usability, effectiveness and price point. In his presentation Martin will examine each of these three factors and what they mean to our customers in terms of delivering value. Usability investigates formats: both digital and print, effectiveness is around perceived usefulness for the user and price point is about how we sell content. Finally, Martin will look at the service the bookshop will need to provide in order to position itself as a major learning resource into the future.

To view Martin's slides from the day, click here

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