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From P to E: Embracing Digital Change Speakers Page

Linda Bennett

Owner, Gold Leaf


Linda Bennett 

Linda Bennett was formerly a director of two library supply companies and Waterstones.  Linda founded Gold Leaf thirteen years ago to provide business development advice and market research to the publishing and bookselling communities. She undertakes research projects for publishers on a confidential basis; and for government and industry organisations for publication and also facilitates a number of international librarian groups, most of which focus on aspects of electronic publishing.  Linda has also published extensively, especially on issues relating to e-books; arranging the speaker programme for the digital seminars at the London Book Fair for the past four years. She contributes to and edits several newsletters, including three for Printondemand-worldwide.  She is a research fellow at Bristol Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School and Huddersfield University Business School.   Linda also writes crime fiction under the pseudonym Christina James.


A wry but serious look at the issues that the e-books versus print debate raises, including the ones the industry has solved, the ones it is trying to solve, and those that are proving fairly intractable, especially the knotty issue of ownership. How do you ‘own’ something that you cannot touch or shelve?  Is this important?  Should you be able to share an e-book just as you would share your print copy?  How can an author give signings for a digital-only title? As e-books sales steady and, in some instances, diminish, are we discovering that our relationship with printed books is deeper-rooted and more visceral than some of us had supposed?  Or is this an ‘either...and’ situation?  What might the future hold for print and electronic formats, either separately or together?  Will they be rivals or sisters?

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