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The Lean Publisher conference Speakers page

Emma Barnes

Managing Director, SnowBooks                                                                          

Emma Barnes has spent ten years at the helm of an award-winning independent trade publisher. Nowadays she uses her deep understanding of the realities of modern publishing to build enterprise management software. Expert in Ruby on Rails, XSLT, XML, HTML, CSS and PostgreSQL database management.


Lean Systems

Anyone who has run an indie press for a decade is well versed in the subtle art of thrift.  However, we're all human and we all do stupid things - whether it's late royalty payments to authors or incorrectly listing metadata. Emma's conference session focused on her experience of harnessing technology.  As the creator of Bibliocloud, a cloudhosted publishing management system which Emma describes as, "Lifting the burden of metadata, production, rights & royalties administration - so book publishers can get on with publishing books," she was the perfect person to share her expertise and help fellow publishers discover how to "do fewer stupid things and more smart things in less time."


In an age where digital processes and technology innovation change overall publishing strategy you can learn how to use that same technology to ensure more money comes in your door than leaves!

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