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Our Services: Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Mailing and Distribution Services

We offer mailing and distribution services to our publishers, including personalised full-colour direct mail.

For publishers wishing to have their short-run mail-out sent to individual addresses in the UK, Europe or Worldwide we can help by taking the address files, generating the labels and mailing direct.  If you wish to include any non-PODW printed item with your parcels, such as marketing material, our mailing and fulfilment house can consolidate this with the printed product for mailing.

Our approach is two-fold, and involves continual assessment:

Off-line direct mail marketing advances

Firstly, our production process uses state-of-the-art, on-demand digital presses with an efficient PDF workflow and highly-trained pre-press staff. This means that we can turn your job around faster and cheaper than the competition, maximising the impact of your direct mail campaign. Our latest and most exciting advance is true variable, on-demand full-colour direct mail - for high impact, memorable campaigns.

Contact us to find out how direct mail will help your company.

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