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Business Solutions for Large Publishers

Helping Publishers

How many titles do you have? 

If it’s over 1,000 then you’ll be a large publisher. 

Print-on-Demand with BookVault

With an extensive list of titles, Printondemand-worldwide can help you manage the short run, auto stock replenishment and virtual stock (POD) process from start to finish, making it quick, easy and transparent.

The benefits?

  • Go to the source- use our BookVault integration service to integrate your own or your distributor’s e-commerce site, allowing an order to pass directly to us, saving time and effort!
  • Go Global- use our BookVault Retail Distribution Service to access our global list of retailers for your titles!
  • Improve your profitability- with BookVault every book can give you a return
  • Use our BookVault system to alleviate administration time- BookVault can take the strain of your extensive list of titles, freeing up your employees 
  • Offer your titles in all formats, increasing your revenue- use our BookVault system to manage your orders- perfect bound, case bound, PPC, cloth and dust jackets, foil blocking- whatever your specification we can help! 
  • Reduce your overheads- Printing on demand will reduce your warehousing and return costs!


Further information

Different businesses, different needs:

Useful resources:

  • East of England Business Champion Winners 2011
  • PEFC
  • FESC
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • Breeam Building
  • BPIF Members
  • Investors in the Environment Green Award 2012