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Our Services: BookVault Book Printing Services Explained

BookVault Explained

BookVault is a simple, easy to use web-based system which allows you to manage your orders and files. It is capable of full integration with your internal order systems and/or distributor.

We offer a number of print on demand services through BookVault:

  • On-demand Book Printing (virtual stock model)

  • Short run printing and auto stock replenishment

Our print-on-demand single copy system is flexible enough to allow you to order single copies of multiple format books and journals, with a choice of binding types and text and cover papers- all with full online visibility! You can also use this system for short runs and auto stock replenishment. 

  • Direct Integration with you Distributor

For publishers wishing to work directly with us via their distributor PODW can integrate directly with any distributor.

We already work with a number of UK book and journal distributors either as a short run printer supplying stock back to warehouse, or taking feeds directly from distributor order systems and shipping directly to the end customer (with branded invoice paperwork as supplied.)

Could it be any easier?

We can integrate in 3 ways:

  • Taking orders directly from your distributor

This service is applicable for those titles set up as POD with us.  We can either deliver back to your Distributor or deliver directly to your end customer complete with customised packing notes and invoices if required.  The consignment will look as if your distributor has sent it directly themselves.  This service is free!

  • Taking orders directly from your internal order systems

This means that you do not have to physically place orders yourself into BookVault.  It stops duplication of orders and saves you time!

This service is free and of huge value if you have a large volume of orders.

  • Full API Integration with your web site

Our web API allows easy integration and is a direct two way communication between your BookVault library and your website/application using XML.  This novel approach allows your website to have direct control-initiating production of your books only when they are ordered by your customers.  

This is a chargeable service.

How does the API work?


To discuss any of these options in more detail please contact one of the team or your Account Manager.

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