Great News Roundups For Self-Publishing Authors!
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Great News Roundups For Self-Publishing Authors!

As a self-published author, it can be stated that advice from as many credible sources will aid you when it comes to not only publishing but also promotingyour work.

That’s why you should be familiar with the latest publishing news and trends to help give you a competitive edge.

Here is a list of the best 21 self-publishing and writing roundups that can help facilitate your learning. 

About General Publishing 

The Book Designer

This site by Joel Friedlander is the best source for those obsessed with book design. There is also a weekly blog roundup which gives tips on book design, publishing, and writing. 

The Digital Reader

Nate Hoffelder provides a mixture of links in the morning coffee roundup for those who can’t wait for the entire week to know the latest publishing news. 


The website is focused more on the demands of publishing. You can also find short summaries of the top publishing stories from big names like The Washington Post to unheralded blogs. 

Quill & Quire

A few times a week, you will find a roundup of global publishing industries. Occasionally, you will also find links about authors from The Great White North. 

Chantel Hamilton on Medium

Editor Chantel Hamilton releases her Sunday roundup on Medium, a famous blogging site. Here you can find opinion pieces, publishing news, and resources with which writers can add additional depth to their work.  

The Bookwyrm’s Hoard

This is another place which promises fantastic roundup of links. Sections that are worth checking out include the ‘Literary Losses’ and news about film adaptions of books. 



About Self-Publishing 


The original self-publication website, Fast-Print not only gets your work printed and published but also distributed onto online libraries where it is sold without any direct cost to the customer. 

Self-Publishing Advice Centre 

Each week, the Alliance of Independent Authors provides a roundup focused on providing stories that are important for the community. Readers are also informed about the upcoming book events and international conferences.

Writers Service 

Information is regularly added to the website’s knowledge bank. Moreover, the section of story links provides high-quality content. 

Twitterrific Writing Links 

Elizabeth Craig provides links that are in a tweet-form so that you can share them easily on days when you can’t find something to talk about!


Genre Based Roundups

Tor – This Morning in Publishing 

This is the online hub for writers and fans of speculative fiction, fantasy, and fiction. The website’s daily roundup includes publishing and writing news along with fascinating and fun topics from the geek culture. 

Dear Author 

Primarily, Dear Author is focused more on reviewing romance novels. You can also find regular updates on stories related to publishing and enjoyable articles.

Speculative Fiction Showcase 

In the links of the week section, you can find articles on general writing, and nostalgic favourites. You can also read about upcoming conventions and the latest pop-culture news. 

Literary Hub Daily 

LitHub Daily showcases their fantastic posts as well as the best articles from various literary magazines like The Atlantic and The New Yorker. 


About Writing Craft 

Live to Write, Write to Live 

In the Writer’s Weekend Resources, you can find a mixture of book recommendations, news critique, and personal blogs. 

Literary Mama — Writerly Roundup 

This is an online magazine which focuses on publishing such work that talks about the different faces of motherhood. Moreover, the Writerly Roundup published monthly is a collection of articles not only about writing but also about the life that writers live. 


From Indie Authors

Erika Dreifus — Friday Finds for Writers 

Every week, writer Erika Dreifus brings to her readers writing resources, open competitions, news, and stories. Moreover, if you are looking for a Jewish perspective, then the pre-Shabbat literary resources published every Friday is for you.  

Marian Allen — Friday Recommends 

The author, in the weekly roundup, gives a shout out to indie authors and talks about less-known bloggers. Moreover, she also provides eclectic writing prompts as well. 

Write Good Books - Five Links Friday 

Every Friday, blogger and author Jason Bougger posts five links to posts by big and small publishing bloggers. Occasionally, competitions are also held. 

The Author Chronicles 

Middle grade and YA author Kerry Gans every Thursday talks about the best reads of the week. The articles are divided into those about the publishing business, the craft of writing, and a segment called Unique shelf. 


About Book Marketing

Sell More Books 

This is a podcast which is co-hosted by book marketer, Bryan Cohan. It is focused on helping the author to grow their career and brand. Moreover, the page of every episode includes numerous useful links for authors. 

Social Media Just for Writers 

Run by marketing guru Frances Caballo, the ‘Indie Author Updates’ section talks about the places you can use to find out about the latest trends. She also talks about the social media websites that authors can benefit from.


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