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  • E-Book Royalty Debate

    Authors’ royalties from e-books have always stirred controversy.

    Once again authors have demanded a greater share of e-book receipts this time because HarperCollins’ parent company NewsCorp published an investor......Read More

  • BIC Battle: Is ISBN the answer?

    Delegates at the latest BIC Battle debated the importance of ISBNs. A vote taken at the start of the event established that 68% of those present thought that ISBNs......Read More

  • Bookseller's Association Conference

    This year’s Bookseller's Association Conference was held at Warwick University. It was dominated by the Books Are My Bag [BAGM] initiative that was launched to the industry at this......Read More

  • Arthur Hailey Makes a Digital Comeback

    Mainstream publishers are beginning to understand the value of digitising their backlists. Forty years ago Arthur Hailey (famous particularly for Airport) was one of America’s best-known novelists. Today nine......Read More

  • Innovative Ideas from Korea

    Korea was the guest country whose publications were showcased at the London Book Fair this year. One of several innovative concepts in Korean publishing to be promoted was ‘Webtoon’......Read More

  • And the winners are...

    Anybody dipping a productivity thermometer into the British publishing industry yesterday may have been alarmed by the readings. This was the morning after the Bookseller Industry Awards... an...Read More

  • The Digital Minds Conference

    Once again the London Book Fair 2014 was preceded by the Digital Minds Conference with the difference that this year the conference took place on Monday rather than Sunday......Read More

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