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  • Printing Your Own Book: The Ultimate Guide for 2017.

    Printing Your Own Book: The Ultimate Guide for 2017!

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  • Should You Bother Writing a Book? Seriously... Consider This.

    Are you a confused author? Thinking about which route to follow?

    If you’ve ever pondered over this question then you almost certainly feel as... you have something to say and, more importantly, you think people will care. The romance of writing a book is the attraction to the masses: the thought of writing by a secluded lake in the south of France writing, ah, bliss. But the secondary, slightly less Rockstar thought about writing your own novel, is that you’d actually have to sell your book and go through the process of learning how to self-publish, how to print your book, where to find a book-cover designer and the exhaustive list then carries on.

    Hearing a few very real, harsh truths could be exactly what you need now in this time of indecisiveness. If you’re ready to hear it then, strap yourself in, it could be a bumpy ride.

    1. Your idea for the story has (99%) already been written somewhere else by another writer. It’s inevitable. If you look back through the history of book-selling, you’ll notice that spy novels, murder mysteries and romantic fiction tend to top the charts. Why? It’s familiar to the audience. Yes, you can add your own details and twists in the plot to make it unique to you (this is what makes books successful by the way) but the book itself will have a very familiar pattern to many, many other best-sellers.

    2. Do you have the time and knowledge at your disposal to successfully publicise your book? There isn't a ‘5 Steps to Sell Your Book’ formula that works overnight: anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. Writing a book can prove to be a long and difficult process (you already know that) but, what’s even harder, just like anything else, is persuading people to give their time, attention and money to you. Daydreaming about millions of people queuing up to buy your book the second your ink dries on the last chapter is pure fantasy. You must fight for your audience… and what an enduring (yet grand) battle it will prove to be.

    3. Are you ready for rejection? I’m sure that you’ve heard about authors sending their manuscripts into hundreds of different publishers, only to have their dreams shot out of the sky like an unsuspecting duck. Whilst this usually proves to be a mild exaggeration, there is some truth behind this. The harsh reality of getting your book published is that you’re very unlikely to hear ‘yes, I love it’ during the early stages of circulating your work. Patience needs to be the strongest weapon in your armoury.

    Please don’t view this article as a deterrent but treat it more so as an eye-opener. If you have a unique voice, which you’re prepared to devote time into making a success, then maybe writing a book could be for you.

    It’s not for the weak-willed and if it truly isn’t your passion, I would consider figuring out what your goal is first. If you already have the manuscript ready and you’re thinking ‘now what?’ - drop us an email and we’ll point you in the right direction.



    P.S. – If you’re printing a book this year, we’ll give you 15% off your first order with us. Make sure you let us know by using code POD17 in your email.

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