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  • Great News Roundups For Self-Publishing Authors!

    As a self-published author it can be stated that advice from as many credible sources will aid you when it comes to not only publishing but also promotingyour work.

    That’s why......Read More

  • How To Get Published In A Scientific Journal

    Scholars aim to provide high-quality research and in this process they come up with unique hypotheses and make use of robust data along with the right research...

    Then...Read More

  • Advancements In Inkjet Printing Technology Facilitate Market Growth

    The growth of the digital printing industry has undoubtedly been a result of the latest technologies. With each technological improvement such as customising products or doing short runs digital......Read More

  • Reflecting of Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

    This year’s Frankfurt Book Fair took place on 11th – 15th October. Arguably the fair is the publishing industry’s foremost global event. It’s certainly the world’s largest... fair...Read More

  • BISG Committee Discusses State of Traditional Supply Chain

    Due to advancements occurring in the publishing world the landscape seems to drastically change every year. The number of indie and self-published authors has increased incrementally with... introduction...Read More

  • The Best Writing Tips…Ever

    Writing success depends on imagination passion and hard work - it is not an easy task for most. It takes a lot of working memory mental energy and......Read More

  • Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 – What You Should Know

    That time of year is once again upon us - when the publishing world becomes amass with excitement and preparation. A time when publishers writers and service... from...Read More

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