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  • International Women's day! #GirlPower

    Celebrating International Women's’ Day: Our Literary Inspirations

    International Women’s Day is close on the horizon and there’s a little bit of a... in...Read More

  • World Book Day

    With World Book Day close on the horizon and fancy dress costumes being hurriedly stitched together we thought we’d take a little time to look......Read More

  • Consumer attitudes to print and electronic

    Jo Henry Director of Nielsen said that research shows that so far this year we’ve seen a pretty consistent 87% of the books bought in the UK being in......Read More

  • Issues facing academic publishers and booksellers

    Linda Bennett said that Smartphones have redefined the mobile market and tablets are redefining the smartphone market dedicated e-readers still command a large market share the combination of location......Read More

  • The academic bookseller’s point of view

    Martin Seeley the general manager of Waterstones Gower Street gave this presentation. He said that to remain vibrant the academic bookshop needs to embrace the digital age fully and it......Read More

  • From P to E: Embracing Digital Change - Conference Keynote Speech

    Linda Bennett of Gold Leaf gave the keynote speech. She offered a short potted history of ebooks in the UK before listing the knotty issues that have been associated......Read More

  • A blue skies joint venture

    Rich Westwood the general manager of Cambridge-Hitachi who also works for the ELT division of Cambridge University Press gave the final presentation of the day in which he described......Read More

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